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Why Herbal Medicine Is Good For Your Health

Traditionally, herbal medicine works to aid, restore and harmonize the opposing forces of energy. This is usually accomplished through a combination of plant element, but throughout herbal medical history animal by-products and minerals have also been thrown into the mix. So the term “herbs” can refer to a lot of different things in medicine – roots, flowers, leaves, stems, bark, seeds or even stones! These are all therapeutic parts of plants which have natural healing properties that can promote wellbeing in both the body and mind in their own ways.

So herbal remedies come in many forms, and can be used both internally and externally. For internal use traditionally, raw herbs are boiled, simmered and then drank as a tea. Today, to avoid the often bitter taste of herbal concoctions, herbs also come in powdered form and as capsules, tinctures and tablets.

One of the major benefit of the use of herbal medicine is for health promotion and therapy for chronic disease and other life opposing as to more threatening conditions. However, the usage of traditional remedies increase when conventional medicine is ineffective in the treatment of disease, such in advanced cancer and face of new infectious diseases.

Ghana’s center for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, has collaborated with traditional health practitioners to develop traditional medicines to minimize side effects or completely avoid side it in the production of herbal medicine. The traditional medicine is backed with scientific methods, tools and guidelines with thorough checks by the FDA before the herbal products find itself on the shells of herbal and pharmaceutical shops. It’s clear the careful steps that goes into making herbal medicine in Ghana.

Traditional medicines play a vital health care role in many Ghanaian communities. Accessibility, availability, affordability, cultural acceptance as well as spiritual, religious and sociological values make them a preferred option for many people over conventional therapy. There are significantly higher number of patients seeking traditional remedies compared with conventional treatment. In Ghana, where some 70% of patients use herbal medicine they’ve seen significant improvement in their lives, health wise.

The coming of TINATETT HERBAL into the Ghanaian herbal market has produced enough herbal medicine to benefit a lot homes and continue to spread their market to a wider reach which has received great positive feedbacks on these products on the market. You can easily find our products on all leading herbal and pharmaceutical shell shops in the country. Get yourself some products of TINATETT herbal in your home to save you, especially in the times of need to cure one ailment or the other.

In some situations, doctors will recommend herbal medicine for certain health issues and this has gone to prove how beneficial and valuable herbal medicine is to an average homes in Ghana. The TINATETT HERBAL products have been of a tremendous help to many Ghanaians who may not have luxury of buying the orthodox medicine.

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