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Tina Ointment: Simple Solution For Skins Problem

Hundreds of skin conditions can affect us. The most common can cause similar symptoms, so learning what distinctions to look out for can be key. In this article, we’ll talk about Tina Ointment from TINATETT HERBAL for your skins diseases. This is one of the most trusted herbal medicine for major skin infections.

Tina ointment goes through the highest-quality of lab test of medicinal herbs & it made from medicinal roots.

This Powerful Herbal Oil from TINATETT is good for:

1.  white/Candidiasis

2. Venereal Infections such as Discharge and Itching

3. Growth at the Anus

4. Skin Rashes

5. Boils and Burns

6. Arthritis and Joint pains

7. Numbness and Stroke

Note: In the case of Candidiasis/white dip cotton wool and rob-in to clean and discard.

Product Indications:

This product great for the treatment of the ff:

1. Skin rashes

2. Dull skin

3. Dry skin

4. Boil

5. Pimples

6. Acne

7. Dandruff and

8. Vaginal itching

Price: GH ₵7.00 available in our various herbal and pharmaceutical shop nationwide

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