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Everyone can experience a loss of appetite with many different reasons. People may have less of a desire to eat, lose interest in food, or even feel nausea at the idea of eating. This can lead to anemic and loss of weight, which can be dire to your health. A person may also experience fatigue if they’re not eating enough food to sustain the body.

A loss of appetite can be physical or psychological. Often, there are many factors that contributes to loss of appetite or sometimes it could be digestive issues, in which case the appetite will come back when a person has recovered but those are just few cases.

Common causes of loss of Appetite:

1.  Stomach Upset

2. Digestive issues

3. Stomach ulcer

4. Stomach Bug

5. Constipation

6.  Food allergies

7.  Stress

8.  Aging

9.  Pregnancy

10.  Diabetes

11.  Alcohol or drug use

Also, people with pain in their mouths, such as sores, may also experience a loss of appetite if it becomes difficult to eat.


What makes one a healthy being is your ability to eat what you like with good appetite. Everyone wish to enjoy a meal set before them and get the necessary nutritional value for the body to function well, but the loss of appetite takes this joy away. Now, this is where I introduce you the best appetizer called APPICARE from TINATETT HERBAL naturally made. Widely known for the treatment of the following.

1.  Low/ loss of appetite

2.  Anemia

3.  Dizziness and Stress

4.  General body pains and early morning tiredness and for fresh body outlook.

Product Dosage:

ABOVE 12 YEARS: Take two (2) of the 30ml cup on the bottle three times daily

Price: GH₵16.00 in all Herbal and Pharmaceutical shops in Ghana


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