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Tinatett Female Contraceptive



Tinatett Female Contraceptive

Product Indications: ????????

Tinatett Female Contraceptive is a natural birth Control Contraceptive.

It is pure herbal

Product Dosage/ Application:????????
Apply Just after your menstrual flow or bleeding.

Step 1: Lie down after bathing and squeeze 2 drops of the syrup on your naval.

Step 2: Use the left middle finger to press the syrup down the navel and twist and turn it for 30-60 seconds.

Please do Not rub or spread it around; else it will lose concentration on the navel.

Step 3: After an hour the medicine will work by osmosis process to constrict the cervix muscles and close the cervix to prevent the entry of sperm into the womb thereby preventing pregnancy.

Step 4: You can verify the hardening of the cervix by feeling or touching the cervix after one hour. Where the cervix did not close or harden after the one hour, repeat the two drops

Step 5: Repeat only ONE drop again around your ovulation or 14 days after the first day of your bleeding to be over 100% sure of your safety. The cervix will naturally relax on its own for the next menstrual flow at the end of the cycle

CAUTION*** External Use only

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