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Malaria still maintain the spot as the number one killer disease in Africa but it’s entirely preventable and treatable when detected early. The fight against malaria is more of a global fight so we at TINATETT HERBAL have decided to produce a highly effective herbal product that can beat down malaria.

When you notice any of these symptoms below then begin the treatment of malaria:

1.  Fever and sweating.

2.  Chills that shake the whole body.

3.  Headache and muscle aches.

4.  Fatigue.

5. Chest pain, breathing problems and cough.

6.  Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.

TINATETT HERBAL has produced the best herbal malaria medicine currently on the market TINATETT MALAKARE has strong efficacy in the treatment of malaria, fever, typhoid, headache, body and joint pains and stress and tiredness.

For Effective Results:

Take together with Mala Caps + Appicare

Price: GH ₵17.00 – ₵18.00 in all Herbal and Pharmaceutical shops in Ghana


Caution: Not recommended for pregnant and breast feeding women

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