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Herbal Treatment for Eye Problem

Sight is one of our most cherished senses to every human, vision problems come on slowly and methodically, depending on the overall health history of the person and the dietary preferences of the person in distress. To be able to bear witness to events, nature, and memories being made, we’d be hard-pressed to find our vision as a minimal necessity.

Our eyes are the windows to the soul, and when we lose that sense, we lose an essential part of who we are. Therefore, the question remains- Do natural remedies play a role in vision loss, or do we rely on tried-and-true prescriptions to fulfill what might seem like a dire situation?

The Primary Causes of Vision Loss:

1. Bacterial infection

2.  Medications

3.  Corneal scars

4.  Eye tumor

5.  Retinitis

6. Diabetic retinopathy

7. Glaucoma

8.  Age-related macular degeneration

9.  Cataracts

10.  Trauma

11.  Vitamin A deficiency

12.  Viral infections of the eye

13.  Toxins and poisoning

TINATETT HERBAL has in stock Hayan Capsules the perfect remedy for any eye problem one may encounter.

Product Indications:

1. This Herbal medicine has been formulated for the effective reduction OF PAIN in the optical nerves.

2.  Correction of uncomplicated sight problems such as, short or long shortsightedness.

3.  Blur vision – due to prolonged computer use and night driving.

4.  Dislike for reading glasses, watery, itching and burning sensation in the eyes.

Highly Effective when taken together with Waispyl + Koko Clensa + Piles Chew

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CAUTION: Not Recommended for Asthmatic patients, pregnant and breast feeding women and Children below 12 years

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