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No matter what age you are, there are few basic vaginal hygiene rules every woman should know about! From periods, sex to childbirth and menopause, the vagina definitely goes through a lot. The vagina is one of those body parts that is typically happiest when you take proper care of it as it’s supposed to.

Vaginal health is extremely important for women. Ignoring the problems associated with poor vaginal hygiene can lead to many complications in the future. From affecting your sex drive to fertility to your ability to reaching an orgasm, being indifferent about your vaginal health can have adverse effects in your life as a woman.

The vagina is a self-cleansing organ but a lot attention must be given to it to maintain it freshness, clean and natural state.

Below are few things you need to do to keep the vagina as healthy as it should:

1.  Keep the undergarments dry

2. Change sanitary pads after 4-6 hours

3. Clean the vagina after intercourse

4. Avoid using soap while washing your vagina

5. Practice safe sex

6. Learn the right way to wipe

7. Do not ignore signs of vaginal infections

8.  Wear cotton underwear

9. Avoid using gloves or sponges to wash your intimate area

10. Wash the outside of your vagina only

Now, this is where your savior comes in Tinatett Venecare in its truest and natural form, it takes care of the vaginal in ways that will to boost your confidence as a woman.

Tinatett Venecare It is made from organic/herbal supplements for the treatment of the following Infection.

a)  Amenorrhea (Abnormal absence of Menstruation)

b)  Irregular Menstrual Flow.

c)   Poor Menstrual Flow.

d)  Painful Menses.

e)  Yeast Infection and Vaginal Itching, and Vaginal Discharge.

f)  Maintaining Vaginal Hygiene and Tightening.

g) Painful Urination in both Men and Women.

Product Dosage:

Take 90ml (3 of the measuring cup) on the bottle three times daily before or after meals for 2-4 weeks

Price: GH₵22.00 – GH₵24.00 in all Herbal and Pharmaceutical shops in Ghana

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